UPS – uninterrupted power supply

UPS consists of several parts. You can find it in the charging circuit, battery and inverter, which produce direct current from alternating current much higher voltage, which is used to power appliances. Modern UPS also include a communications port for connecting to a PC and SNMP card to operate the network.

OffLine UPS uses technology direct power from the mains, the batteries are kept on standby through the charging circuit. In case of power failure or voltage drop in the public network below the reference value, the switch electronics to 10 milliseconds power switch appliance directly via the inverter. Electronic appliances not register transfer time, so when switching time is shorter, the more superior backup power. In this case, battery life tends to be relatively long term.

More sophisticated systems are referred to as Line Interactive. UPS control circuit takes care of the ratio, which divides the power of the appliance towards a network drive. When the voltage drops in the network, the ratio varies with the fact that if the power fails completely, the appliance is powered by the UPS inverter.

OnLine UPS In this case the appliance is supplied by the inverter, while the batteries are charged continuously from the network. The advantage is that when a power failure continues uninterrupted power supply appliances. UPS sends a signal failure, the appliance to prepare everything you need to know.

Our company will help you find your way when choosing the appropriate backup source and transfer the installation.

In case you need to upgrade an earlier version of UPS, we can be prepared to be able to communicate over the network.

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